2016 Trip – Return Trip

I remember sitting beside the Pacific Ocean a couple of years ago, watching surfers, seabirds, and our grandkids cavorting, and thinking “We’ve got nearly four thousand miles to drive back but this makes it worth it.” Well, God-willing, we’ll have that same situation in a few months.

We’ll mosey back, staying for some lengthy stays at some favorite birding state parks, and try to visit some friends and family along the way. We’ll hunker down at Falcon State Park on the border during part of Texas spring break since that park is not overrun like so many of them. We like kids but hundreds unleashed at the same time can be challenging. I should mention that the maps are developed on a neat website: Roadtrippers.com. Here’s how the map looks at this point.


And the blow by blow itinerary.


The yellow blocks have a significance – I’ll discuss them in my next blog post.

I hope that you enjoyed this year’s last superman, a Hunter’s Moon, in last night’s sky. It looked like this from our deck, once it cleared the tall pine trees:



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  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! Glad to see Goose Island State Park on there.

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