2016 Trip – Westbound Portion

As I  noted a while back, I’ve been doing some trip planning and locking in some reservations in parks that fill up fast. The initial half of our trip is to do some birding in Arizona and visit our son Robb and his family in San Diego. It’s a long haul but here is the plan:


Here’s how it looks in a spreadsheet:


Getting home we have to deal with Texas Spring Break in March and will likely change this schedule along the way. We hope to stop in Ohio to see our son Rich and his family. Still a few things to sort out and it will be ready to go.


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2 Responses to 2016 Trip – Westbound Portion

  1. I am so glad to see I’m not the only one who uses a spreadsheet for trip planning! Looks like a wonderful trip! You mention you will be returning through Texas during spring break. We made a trip to Texas this past March and April. The only reservations I had ahead of time were for Galveston Island State Park, Goose Island State Park, and Mustang Island State Park. I made the reservations in January when I found out we would be there during spring break. We never had a problem finding a campground the rest of the trip. We were even able to get a great site at Inks Lake the week before Easter. I made reservations a few days ahead of time as soon as we knew where we would be next. If you know you will be spending several nights in Texas State Parks (they are great) you will probably want to look into the Texas Park Pass.

  2. I forgot to mention anything about Texas birding. Do you know about the Whooping Cranes near Goose Island State Park? The Texas Gulf Coast has many birding opportunities. Also depending on when and where you travel you may see some of the spectacular Texas Bluebonnets on the side of the roads. There are several blog posts on my blog from our Texas adventure.

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