A Cold and Windy Trip

January is always a dicey month, weather-wise and we took an extra day to better prepare and to give me a chance to check Grow Compost for the other rare gull that has been hanging out there. Sure enough, driving in for a quick check, I spotted the Glaucous Gull – a life bird among the chickens and Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls.

Thanks to our friend Terry with a last minute sanding job on the icy driveway, I positioned the Interstate in downtown Montpelier and early Wednesday morning, we launched for Pennsylvania. It was a long trip but uneventful although the tractor-trailers on I-81 were their usual challenge — many of them and all moving fast.

We visited Sally’s brother-in-law in Charlottesville, Virginia the next night and after a long drive and just beating a sleet event, we hunkered down during a tough storm that shutdown the region. Two days later, we are at Fontainebleau State Park in Louisiana still battling sub-freezing nights but the forecast is great. Yesterday, we took a cold walk and saw dozens of Eastern Bluebirds and other neat birds, including this Red-headed Woodpecker who was feeding with his buddies.

Today is a thawing-out day for the rig and for us. We intend to stay here for a few days after a long trip and wait for the 70 degree temperatures tomorrow.

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2 Responses to A Cold and Windy Trip

  1. Lisa Michelle Ransom says:

    So happy to see you and the birds in your travels once again!

  2. Diane Silverstein says:

    We’ve been in Sam Houston National Forest in Coldspring TX and had icy weather. Today is partly sunny and in the 60’s with warm weather to come! Nice to hear and see birds again! Congrats on the glaucous gull. We are staying in Texas through April to work camping. We look forward to traveling around for spring migration!

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