A Life Bird – Rufous Hummingbird

On a breezy Saturday morning, we took a birding walk in the shrubby woods here at Goose Island State Park starting off with a Red-shouldered Hawk perched in a tree right over our meeting spot. During the walk, We saw Yellow-rumped and Orange-crowned Warblers, seven or eight types of sparrows, four species of doves, and other winter birds. For me, the highlight was a young Rufous Hummingbird at one of the feeders.

Yesterday, I saw a Buff-bellied hummer (which I had on my life list) and today we also saw a hummer that some are trying to call a Costa’s – which would be quite a rarity. Some of us think it’s a young Ruby-throated but the bird walk leaders are taking our photos to a local hummer expert for an answer.

In any case, it’s wonderful to see hummers in early February. I love their flying, their colors, and their feistiness.

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