A Morning Hike

Penny and I are in Tucson staying at a nice county park – Gilbert Ray Campground – where yesterday morning we took a short hike up Brown Mountain.

Before we left the campground, we saw several Phainopepla (harder to spell than find here) and a covey of Gambel’s Quail, who scurried off.

The trail was lined with thorns and of course, Penny had to check them out. She ended up with a paw full of quills from a fishhook barrel cactus which got me as I removed them. Here she explores what I think is an ocotillo.

A pretty Northern Flicker graced the top of a big saguaro cactus.

Several Lesser Goldfinches just sat there and let us walk by.

This Curved-bill Thrasher was having a cactus fruit breakfast.

Coming back down, we had some nice views but the winter sun was heating things up – although starting at 55 degrees and ending at 71 is pretty nice. It not hard to see why the campgrounds are filled with northern visitors.

Bienvenido a arizona.

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3 Responses to A Morning Hike

  1. Hello! What a joy to see your pictures, especially of Arizona as I’m homesick this time of year when New York is so cold. Thank you for sharing. I hope Penny and you are ok.
    HI SALLY❤💕🐾😍🌈💐Happy Adventures to you!!

    Love Karyn

  2. Premila says:

    In the cold Vermont winter mornings, your posts warm me up as I dream of someday retiring and doing more birding down south. Thanks for the reminder of how much bio diversity we have in this country.

  3. Ginny Alfano says:

    What beautiful weather, Dick! I am beyond envious as we sit here in the constant grey, snow, and cold. Your bird photos brought back great memories of our trip to AZ years ago. Enjoy the rest of your trip and stay safe.

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