Arizona Birds

Arizona has some great birds, and even the common ones often look sharp in the desert light. Here are a few shots I’ve taken that were neat encounters.

The first bird I saw at Gilbert Ray County Park, outside Tuscon, was the Phainopela – for me a life bird. They are desert flycatchers and with their flashes of white on their wings, are fun to watch. They also are pretty songsters.

The first morning at Patagonia Lake, I saw these two Cinnamon Teal cruising along not far from shore. They are a handsome couple.

This Red-shafted Northern Flicker was one of many I have seen. Also saw their cousin, the Gilded Flicker.

Northern Cardinals are vivid out here – as they are in the New England snow. It is a lot easier photographing without frozen fingers.

We leave on a long drive for California on Sunday and I’m doing a little studying to get ready. Looking forward to some new birds but much more psyched to be seeing kids and grandkids.

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  1. Dana Basiliere says:

    I love the shot of the Cinnamon Teal; it’s as though they were posing for the shot.

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