Au Revoir Louisiana

After thawing ourselves and the rig out at Fontainbleau State Park where we took a long walk and saw this Bald Eagle along with a number of American Coots, some Common Gallinules, and numerous kinglets and warblers.

Here are a few other shots from our stay.

We headed westward on I-10 for a night at Sam Houston Jones State Park in Lake Charles, LA. It was dark as we set up and Penny had her first encounter, this trip, with an armadillo. They drive her nuts.

Before leaving Thursday, we took a long walk and paused by this young Long-Needle pine tree.

Off to the Lone Star State. Happy trails to you all.

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3 Responses to Au Revoir Louisiana

  1. B. Stephen Stockwell says:

    Happy 2017. It’s always a thrill to read of your latest birding exploits. Here in northern Vermont, you can imagine the story – for a few months each year, we replace birds with snow.

  2. Mica says:

    Love the bird photos, especially the eagle. We are in Big Bend for 5 days, the park is packed. We will try some backcountry for a few days. Looking for a Roadrunner
    and a Cactus Wren. Warm and cloudy today. If you make it here, check out the new fossil exhibit.

  3. Ginny Alfano says:

    Great photos, Dick. I love the curious Pileated Woodpecker and the little Pied-billed Grebe. That tree has the longest needles I’ve ever seen on a pine – hence the name, I guess :). Safe travels to you all. I’ll be looking forward to your next post.

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