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Paddling Ricker Pond

Launching our boats right from the campsite, we took a wonderful paddle on Ricker Pond, watching loons, Observing the Great Blue Heron And just getting some sun and exercise in a pretty setting Even my blog-writing site is hard to … Continue reading

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Checking Out The Van

Finally, we got The Goshawk ready for a local mid-week camping trip to Ricker Pond State Park. I had reserved the only on-shoreline spot we could fit into and as I write this looking out the door, I can see … Continue reading

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Heading Home

While in California, I learned that my dead MacBook battery was going to be a $750 repair so I am limping home using just the cord, which is touchy. So blogging is slow since I can’t pull off the bird … Continue reading

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Birding at the Cocina

We had breakfast at Irma’s, a small Mexican restaurant just outside [Pancho Villa State Park]( in Columbus, New Mexico. The food was great and the decorations quite unique. The owner has a penchant for roosters. They are too neat not … Continue reading

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Birds of Sequoia NP

I had several target birds on my list before we left for Sequoia National Park and While I didn’t do much serious birding, got all three on dog walks around the campground. The most obvious were Stellar’s Jays, a raucous … Continue reading

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Camping With Dane

Monday morning, Dane and I and our faithful Vizsla Penny launched for the long trip to Sequoia National Park. Several months ago I went online to look for possibilities for campsites and wanted the mountains because I feared the temperatures … Continue reading

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Urban Camping

Leaving Wyoming, I drove into increasing temperatures and after a long trip, camped in a state park in Utah where it was hot and dusty and 103 degrees when I arrived. Fortunately, the power was sufficient to run the rig’s air … Continue reading

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Birding a bit in Wyoming

I never thought that the Black-billed Magpie, a life bird I picked up in Minnesota, would become a noisy pest but that’s sort of the way they are in Wyoming. I first saw three or four at the fishing access … Continue reading

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A Few South Dakota Birds

The campground at Boysen State Park in South Dakota was nearly vacant in the middle of the week and I chose a shaded spot under a large Cottonwood on the edge of the lake. It was 90 degrees and not … Continue reading

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Heading to the Tetons

I spent a couple of days navigating the plains of North Dakota and then South Dakota, staying at a national park and then a state park. The days were hot and windy but the areas of grassland were quite impressive. … Continue reading

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