Beach Birds

We took a short outing to the Del Mar beach during our last day in California. It’s so cool to have a beautiful beach ten minutes or so away and free access and parking — and no crowds on a winter weekday. The day was pretty – San Diego style – with no wind, temperatures in the mid-70’s, with water temperature about 65.

I waded into the light surf with binoculars and camera and right away, this guy landed just out a short bit and ignored me.

Brown Pelican at Del Mar Beach

Brown Pelican at Del Mar Beach

There are always a few Willets exploring the shallows for food. Here’s one.


I walked up the beach to the North to the area called “Dog Beach” where dozens of dogs romp and play. When we are back in February, it might be worth a try with Penny although her track record with other dogs is not sparkling. It is one of the better beaches for dogs (according to many reviews) in southern California.

Robb and his kids were frolicking in the waves so I decided to brave it — what’s 65 degree water to a Vermonter, eh? It was bracing but after a few body surfs and one ***over_teakettle tumble, I was ready to dry off.

We only stayed for an hour or so — just perfect. As I was leaving, this young gull was strolling around checking out folks, likely for possible handouts. I am trying to make it into a juvenile Heermann’s Gull because of the sooty breast and pale white eye crescents but could be dissuaded. What do you think?

Is this a Heermann's?

Is this a Heermann’s?

We are in Massachusetts with Jennifer and her family and instead of watching Black Phoebes hawk insects over the swimming pool, are watching a beautiful Red-bellied Woodpecker hit the suet. Happy Thanksgiving.

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