Birding Groton State Park

Veery –  Life Bird #297

Early this week, we took the Airstream on a little jaunt over to Stillwater State Park on Lake Groton.  It was a chance to not only test out the trailer after months of inactivity and also a chance to bird a new area.

This time of year, we are used to waking up to bird song — even this late in the season.  Red-eyed Vireos, Song Sparrows, and Common Yellowthroats are part of our early morning routine.  However, just while setting up the trailer in the wooded site, I was amazed at the birds singing: White-throated Sparrows, Ovenbirds, Winter Wrens, Veerys, along with Vireos and Song Sparrows.

Veery’s have been elusive for me — I’ve heard them in our woods but never really got a good look to be about to add it to my life list.  That was one of my objectives while camping and sure enough, the first morning revealed on singing on a naked branch right over our site.  Then, as often happens, once I saw one, it seemed like every other bird I saw was a Veery.

On the water in the kayak, I saw two pairs of loons and many mallards including at least three families.  Given the “friendliness” of the ducks, I have the feeling they have been fed by local campers.

Momma Mallard and five ducklings – taken from the kayak

Blackburnian Warblers were everywhere but with the heavy foliage, hard to track with the camera.  Their bright orange and steady singing made them easy to find, but they do tend to bounce around a lot.  I also got a good look at a Blackpoll Warbler and several Black-throated Green Warblers.  All in all, several nice days of camping and birding.

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