Birding License Plates

I met a Canadian birder last winter in Texas who had an interesting side hobby: she collected birding vanity license plates.  I decided to start doing the same myself, starting with hers shown here.

Of course, since then I have not seen many and if I do, the camera is stashed or Vermont mud covers the plate.  But this morning, I found a friend’s car parked and grabbed this shot with my iPhone.

Birding License Plate

So, I think I’ll crank this project up a bit and see if I can build my “life list.”  I know there’s a Pipit plate near here and just need to watch more closely.  Do you have a bird plate photo you’d like to add the collection.  I’d love to see it.

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2 Responses to Birding License Plates

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  2. Denise Ryan says:

    Photo coming soon of my own plate – B1RDER. You can contact me @B1RDERGIRL on Twitter. It sure helps when you are stopped on the side of the road looking at birds in a pond, farm field or forest and folks are worried your car broke down or you are a security risk. Nope, just birding!

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