Birding With A Bird Dog

Penny, our Vizsla, is my canine companion who hangs with me – or not, depending on what other possibilities might attract her attention, on outings both in the truck and in the woods.  We’ve had adventures with moose, coy dogs, porcupines — you name it.  She’s not the greatest help in my birding efforts since while she’s supposedly a pointer, she usually is a “chaser.”

“What kind of duck is that, Dad?”

Today was another episode. I was checking out waterfowl at Salisbury Beach State Reservation in Massachusetts, walking the beach with Penny along the Ipswich River when she discovered this duck in close, and immediately began to point it, then wade in to catch it.  The duck just kind of cruised along, just out of reach, for about five or ten minutes.  The water had to be icy but Penny was determined.  I finally got her by the collar, got the leash on, and back we went to warm up in the truck.  The duck, a female Common Eider, (thanks Tom Wetmore) was last seen, in the company of a couple of scoters, just where we found it.

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