Birds of San Eligo Lagoon

The San Eligo Lagoon just south of our California camping sites, is a favorite of many local birders (although I met none in three visits but did meet a good birder from MA) and it is easy to see why. An innovative reclamation site for treated wastewater, it has great trails and a wide variety of birds. Here are some that I saw while there.

The Anna’s Hummingbird was fairly common but a wonderful feisty hummer:

The Allen’s Hummingbird was a lifer for me:

As was this Western Gull:

Mourning Doves are common friends nearly everywhere we go:

The Willets in the west are lighter but still give their Willet-wing display when they fly:

Black Phoebes are fun to watch as they actively forage for insects:

The lagoon had dozens of American Wigeons like this handsome dude:

Northern Pintails, like this pair, are in lovely plumage:

And lastly, I’m including a fellow whose eastern cousins will be visiting Vermont this Spring. What’s not to love about Buffleheads?

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  1. Heather Campbell says:

    Nice pictures! Maybe even I will eventually learn some ducks, uphill battle though (as are gulls).

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