Blogging with an iPad

Yesterday, I did some birding at the Salisbury State Reservation with my dog and found a nice mix of shorebirds and waterfowl. This cooperative Northern Mockingbird posed for a digiscoped photo. I got life bird 304, some White-rumped Sandpipers, who were hanging out with a bunch of Black-bellied Plovers.

My MacBook Pro is in for repairs at the Apple store but it gave me an excuse to buy an iPad. We are often without wifi in our travels so the 3G access can be really handy – like right now. Blogging on an iPad is a bit challenging but much better than trying it with the iPhone. I can import photos, do some cropping with PSexpress, and write it in BlogPress. It’s good for on-the-road blogging and you can always tidy things up later on.

It’s a showery Saturday in Massachusetts – the Vizsla and I are going out to a local reservoir and check for water birds. Good birding.

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