Bon Voyage Hummers

This year has been one of the best for attracting hummingbirds to our feeder — we had several families nest in the area. Many feisty juveniles have delighted us with their antics over the last few weeks. They have been hitting the sugar water and more than once, I have thought: “Tank up, you’ve got a long haul ahead.”


This past weekend, we took the Airstream over to New York state to visit some dear friends and returning Monday afternoon, I immediately noticed that the hummers seemed to have left.  A couple of days later, it’s definite.  They are on their way.


We saw trees turning color in the higher elevations and noticed the Canada Geese moving in New York state.  Here, the goldenrod is everywhere and the bees are loving it. Soon the asters will blossom and more birds will depart.  The Common Yellowthroats are still here as are the Song Sparrows but they have their bags packed to go.


Sitting on the back lawn with a blue sky above and northwest winds blowing the pines, I’m thinking of those hummers, wondering how far they have gone so far, and wishing them a safe passage on their long perilous journey.

See you in Florida or here in the spring.  Buen Viaje amigos.

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3 Responses to Bon Voyage Hummers

  1. Jeff says:

    We got kind of a late start this year with our feeders. I’m in TN and I still have a lot of activity as you’d imagine. In fact, the numbers are growing just before the big trip! Really love watching them feed and chase each other all over the yard! What’s especially fun for me is seeing them return to the same perching branch!

    It’s all good!


  2. Judith Davis says:

    great pics of the hummers

  3. Alan Bragg says:

    We had a lot of Cardinal flowers at Great Meadows in Concord MA this year and lot’s of RTHUs.
    Last week we counted 15; this week just 2.

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