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Heading Home

While in California, I learned that my dead MacBook battery was going to be a $750 repair so I am limping home using just the cord, which is touchy. So blogging is slow since I can’t pull off the bird … Continue reading

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Replacing the Airstream’s gas range

Several years ago, a metal brace in the Airstream’s oven snapped, probably from the fatigue of a decade of travel over bumpy roads. I got it welded but then found that the collapse had also damaged parts of the propane … Continue reading

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Getting Ready For Winter Traveling

With the exterior polishing project shut down due to my knee operation, there’s been a hiatus of sorts on Airstream work until the last few weeks, when I started to get serious about readying the rig for our upcoming trip. … Continue reading

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Renovation Going Slowly

Having removed the carpet and much of the “mouse fur” from the walls in the dining/living area, I fried a few brain cells removing the glue backing with a solvent. Then, I began polishing the interior aluminum with mixed results. … Continue reading

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