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Goodbye, Dear Penny

Last night, assisted by Doctor Erika, we said goodbye to Penny, our wonderful traveling companion. She had hiked her last hike with me last week and after nearly 14 years of high energy living, ran out of gas. She crossed … Continue reading

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Sweet Penelope Sue

Our Vizsla, aka Penny, just turned 13 last month and is having a wonderful trip. When not sleeping on the floor between the driver and passenger, she is curled up as close to the gas furnace outlet as she can … Continue reading

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Six Weeks To Go

Having gone to bed and then awakened early to the horrific news from Paris, it was good to be nudged out for an early dog walk by Penny. I had heard a rifle shot while it was just getting light … Continue reading

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Stuff on Trees

I try to get out for a long walk with Penny every other day at least, in addition to her regular loops that we do in our woods. Yesterday afternoon, we hiked two and a half miles up on our adjoining … Continue reading

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Six Weeks To Liftoff

Awaking this morning to a couple of inches of snow, I am happy that not only is the #Airstream winterized and moved to the launch site beside the house, but that we have our winter travel plans well underway. Here’s … Continue reading

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Lizard Dog

Connie, our fine vet, has a unique to deal with a high-strung Viszla when she needs to give Penny a shot or draw blood. She places one of her office cats in a glass-walled room adjacent to the exam room. … Continue reading

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Natural surprises while birding

Three doe, which I see most outings in our woods, eased off into the brush this afternoon, as the dog and I began another birding trip around our loop.  They flicked their tails a bit but we passed them quickly … Continue reading

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A Pause For Penny Repairs

I’ve been pecking away at Airstream fixes the last week, just finishing the repair of the rock screen that we nearly lost in Houston (after ordering a couple of small parts from Out-of-Doors Mart, a wonderful Airstream outfit in North … Continue reading

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Biking With The Vizsla

One of the challenges of traveling and camping is too eat healthy and get enough exercise. Fortunately, with the Airstream we can manage our food choices and not be stuck with the fast food options that seem to be everywhere. … Continue reading

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