Check that crabapple tree

Yesterday, Ron Payne, a birder in Middlebury, made this post on the Vermont birding listserve:

“A Cape May Warbler has been in a apple tree across the street from my house on Weybridge St. since at least 7:00 AM this morning. If you have any blooming apple trees around, it might be worth while to see if there is anything making squeaking noises inside it.”

Indigo Bunting (f)

Our old crabapple tree is blossoming and full of honeybees (I have several hives) and a variety of goldfinches and purple finches but I never really check it for new birds — until I read the post.  So today, between rain showers and work, I kept an eye on it.  Mourning doves, hummers, finches, woodpeckers, chickadees, and nuthatches … all the usual suspects.

Mid-day, I saw something different working away up in the blossoms — saw some purple or blue, then it popped out and I got a look, and a photo, of my first Indigo Bunting.

I didn’t realize that warblers and other birds like the blossoms but in any case, I’ll keep my binoculars and camera handy for the next few days as the apple blossoms continue.  And hope that Mr. Bunting decides to pay a call.

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