Desert Birds

Getting away from the coast or big bodies of water like Lake Falcon and Lake Amistad, makes the birding more challenging – or at least until migration starts in a month or two.  However, I’m still picking up some nice birds for my life list: today I saw a Bell’s Vireo outside the Panther Junction Visitor Center.  Saw a wonderful Rock Wren working the cliffs near Amistad the day before.

We were inundated with Black-throated Sparrows and Lark Buntings at our last campsite after spreading some seed out the day before.  A lot of White-crowned Sparrows also showed up but were a bit more wary.  Then, as we had supper one evening at the picnic table, a Sage Thrasher cranked up its song from a nearby bush.

I’m sure I saw some Zone-tailed hawks with a bunch of Turkey Vultures yesterday but I was doing 70 hauling a trailer and thought it improper to grab the binoculars.  Likewise, a bird with a long curved bill flew up alongside us as we approached Big Bend.  Have no idea what it was.

The House Finch was interesting:  I don’t know the bird well and thought it was some bunting.  The male is just spectacular, as is the singing. 

House Finch

Big Bend has hundreds of birds on the list although many are migration spottings or later in the year.  I’ve got a few on my list though — so Penny and I will be out and about scanning.  I guess I can’t count stuff across the river – that’s Mexico.

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