Digiscoping With Frozen Fingers

Two weeks ago, I was birding in shorts and T-shirts.  That was then, today in Vermont it was 28 degrees with blowing snow flurries as I birded early this morning at Berlin Pond.  A Bald Eagle was spotted there yesterday but I dipped on it today but saw a nice array of birds before quitting to thaw out a bit.  I used my point&shoot to try some digiscoping with so-so results.  Here’s a couple:

A Common Grackle looking pretty sharp on a Saturday morning.
Ring-necked Ducks are reliable visitors each spring.
A pair of Tree Swallows posed patiently but the photos were blurry.  May be the wind.

I fumbled with cold hands trying to set iso and aperture but ran out of patience.  So, it’s time to read the manual again.  One “expert” advised me to shoot automatic and let the camera figure it all out.  I think I’ll continue to work on settings and see if I can get the Canon SD3000 working the way others have it working.  Next time, it will be in a freezing-free temperature without a gale blowing.

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