Duck, ducks!

We just arrived at Goose Island State Park, one of our favorite birding spots, and were awakened at 5:00 this morning by a host os noisy airboats taking hunters out to their shooting spots. Yes, it’s the last several days of duck hunting season and being a Sunday, the boys (and gals) are out in force. Taking the Vizsla for a dawn walk, I was admiring the low-flying turkey vultures here while hearing hundreds of shotgun blasts far off. My dog hates gunshots and really has little interest leaving the trailer – she’s growling and barking at the shots she can hear from here on the couch.

I’m not anti-hunting per se but it is disconcerting to see hundreds of ducks here yesterday and then hear the blasting this morning. It’s something that any birder who gets out in the fall at preserves and management areas hears but it doesn’t mean we like it. We buy duck stamps (birders probably match hunters in stamp purchases) to support the conservation programs but if you are like me, you cringe when you see or hear ducks and geese being killed.

Another few hours and things will calm down. Then the dog and I can head out for some quiet birding.

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