Easy point-and-shoot cameras capture the outdoor experience

Sunday, March 27, 2011
By Shannon M. Nass, Special to the Post-Gazette
Bob Steiner
Red-bellied woodpecker.
No matter the season, nature is a beautifully painted canvas that offers the perfect backdrop for capturing outdoor memories.
As spring wildflowers come into bloom and wildlife activity increases, opportunities abound for taking photographs. A little imagination and some insight into the effective outdoor use of digital point-and-shoot cameras leave no reason not to skillfully preserve these moments in time.
“The final image that you produce is your own creativity … and the camera is a tool to get there,” said Linda Steiner, of Oil City.
Linda and her husband, Bob, have won numerous professional photo awards and were guest speakers at a Penn’s Woods West Trout Unlimited meeting held March 14 at the Brentwood Veterans of Foreight Wars. Topics included digital camera use and key elements to consider when taking photos outdoors.

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