eButterfly is Ready for Vermont!

 of the Vermont Center for Ecostudies posted this on the VCE blog.  In case you don’t get their material, here’s a way to keep track of the butterflies you see — and have seen.  It looks like a great international effort and pretty easy to use.  The hard part is photographing and identifying them — they are worse than warblers.  Why not bird early in the day and butterfly while the birds are napping?   And use eBird and eButterfly to keep track.

From 2002 to 2007 volunteer butterfly enthusiasts spent thousands of hours in the field in an effort to record the status and distribution of Vermont butterflies, the first systematicstatewide butterfly atlas to be undertaken. Observers have since made new discoveries, like the first state record for White-M Hairstreak or the incredible invasion of Giant Swallowtails. Where can we share and store all of our collective butterfly discoveries? Introducing our newest tool for the Vermont Atlas of Life, eButterfly, a project in which VCE is proud to be a partner.

eButterfly aims to bring butterfly enthusiasts like you together with scientists like those at VCE. With this new online database you can:
• Record the butterflies you see, photograph, or collect
• Build a virtual collection of butterflies
• Keep track of your butterfly lists (life, year, provinces/states)
• Find butterflies you have never seen
• Explore dynamic distribution maps
• Share your sightings and join the eButterfly community
• Contribute to science and conservation
With the flight of the first Mourning Cloak nearly upon us, I hope you are as ready as we are to discover and report your sightings of Green Mountain butterflies to eButterfly. But you don’t have to wait for the snow to melt. Many of you have records in your notebooks, photo files (must be less than 1mb in size) and collections that can be uploaded right now!First, make sure your internet browser is the latest addition, then visit the tutorial on eButterfly (http://www.ebutterfly.ca/contents/tutorial) to familiarize yourself with the system. Once you learn a few basics and enter some of your sightings, it will become quite fast and easy for you to use.
eButterfly was built for butterfly enthusiasts by butterfly enthusiasts. We are always striving to improve the experience and tools. Should you run into a problem or have any great suggestions for future updates and tools, please don’t hesitate to provide feedback.
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