Goldfinches – What’s Not to Love?

We are inundated with American Goldfinches.  What a neat problem to have.  These brilliant bursts of yellow and black sing from the treetops, bounce through the air with their unique flight, and mob the thistle seed feeder.  They also sit still for photographs.

They seem to know they are photogenic - pausing and giving your different looks.

They seem to know they are photogenic – pausing and giving you different looks.

Some of our Blue Jays and Purple Finches are still looking pretty ratty from the molt but the Goldfinches seem to be about done — and are strutting their new outfits.


We know they’ll be heading out soon but in this wonderful stretch of ripe blackberries, blossoming golden-rod, and beautiful blue skies, they add a wonderful pizzaz to a late summer day.  Tank up kids, long trip ahead.


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One Response to Goldfinches – What’s Not to Love?

  1. Jeff Jones says:

    Beautiful pics of a little bird I love! Their trill-like vocalizations are so sweet! Sorry to report they have been very scarce at my feeders this year. Probably the first time in a very long time I haven’t been able to enjoy them year-round.

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