Hiking Brown Mountain

We are hanging out, enjoying great Arizona weather, at Gilbert Ray Campgound, a county park just west of Tuscon. We have a neat site which is relatively secluded with Cactus Wrens, Verdin, and Gambell’s Quail to entertain us. So do the coyotes who periodically get some barks out of Penny as they tune up on both ends of the day.

This morning, I decided to climb Brown Mountain, which while not grand in stature, treats you to a view of diverse, spectacular Sonoran desert flora. The hike is only a mile and a half to the summit and rises a modest 400 feet but the views make you forget that you are just outside a major city.

So Penny and I started out early. I let her off leash since no one was around and we cruised down the well-worn path. The trail, as one would expect, was rocky and a number of steps were built into the path. Here’s an example.

We traversed back and forth up the mountain and at times, Penny seemed to wonder why I was taking my time.

We were rewarded with some nice views at the summit even though it was a little hazy. Here is the view eastward toward Golden Gate Mountain and Tuscon.

Like any climb, the trip back was easier and a Curve-billed Thrasher sang to us as we returned to the truck.

Nice outing for man and dog.

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  1. Martha says:

    Enjoy the warmth and sun as you have heard it has been an extra cold winter this year. We are heading out to test out the new camper in about two weeks waiting on the weather. Love to you both and happy trails.

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