Last Day at Goose Island

I started the day early yesterday with a life bird – a couple of Franklin’s Gulls with their pretty pinkish chests beside their cousin Laughing Gulls – and then added a Sedge Wren and a Seaside Sparrow as birds new to me this trip. But most of the warm day, I watched and listened to birds in the campsite yard.

The Northern Cardinals are matching up and their chirping and singing is just standard background noise that is easy to take for granted. Likewise, the White-eyed Vireos are calling continually and flitting through the dense foliage, offering periodic looks. I saw one yesterday with a mouth full of fluffy nesting material.

Most of the Red-winged Blackbirds have left – hurrah – as have the White Pelicans – boo.

I spent some time sitting in a lawn chair, listening and watching Northern Parulas work the leaves for insects. They are such beautiful birds and we seem to have a good influx, some of whom will stick around and nest.

Warblers are moving through but in small numbers. I’ve seen Nashville, Hooded, Black & White warblers but missed several others. I’ll get another chance with some of them in Vermont.

Goose Island is a special place for us. I’m already developing a target list for birds I’ve missed with thoughts that we’ll be back next year. Meanwhile, I’m going to spend part of this last day just watching some of the birds in the woods and along the shore and make one last attempt to sort out the Dunlins, the Sandpipers, the Plovers, and the Dowitchers.

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