Looking Forward to Arizona Birds

As we go through the barren "stick season" in Vermont and see only a few hardy local birds, it is fun to think about what might be waiting for us out west. Here are a few of the photos I took of birds we encountered in Arizona. They are fun to look at anytime but especially on a cold windy damp night like this evening.

Last year, the first bird I saw at Gilbert Ray County Park, which is just outside Tuscon, was the Phainopela – which was a life bird. They are desert flycatchers and with their flashes of white on their wings, are fun to watch. They also are pretty songsters.

A few days later on the first morning at Patagonia Lake State Park, I saw these two Cinnamon Teal cruising along not far from shore. They were a handsome couple.

This Red-shafted Northern Flicker was one of many I saw. I also saw their cousin, the Gilded Flicker.

Northern Cardinals are vivid out here – as they are in the New England snow. It is a lot easier photographing without frozen fingers.

We plan to spend a longer time in Arizona this trip and hit some spots we have never visited. I’m getting psyched.

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3 Responses to Looking Forward to Arizona Birds

  1. Have you figured out what dates you’ll be in Patagonia? That was my favorite birding place ever.

    • Dick Mansfield says:

      Not yet — likely mid-February. We loved it last year – great new coffee shop in town, lots of birding options.

  2. That sounds nice… I never left the camp while I was there, nearly one week. A storm finally drove me down to warmer climes.

    As you know, I rather tend to let the birds come to me, and there, they did. I was camped on the northern outside of the circle and sitting and reading with my doors open, a verdin flew in and perched on my coffeemaker! It was a lifer for me. I also saw my first broad-tailed hummingbird there, at the feeder I hung just feet from that door. Another lifer. I was hooked.

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