Mary’s Birthday

As is sometimes the case in this household, we observed a “rolling” birthday for Mary.  There was a family dinner in Massachusetts on Saturday — cooked by Ben and Jen — which was lovely.  Adding Thanksgiving dinner earlier, and a dinner party for a dear friend Sunday, by the time we got home, we thought that a quiet dinner would be just right.  And it was — last evening.


I did some “hunting and gathering” yesterday morning at the Hunger Mountain Coop and Birchgrove Bakery here in town.  Later, as Mary got her news fix on CBC and PBS, I cooked.  Here’s the menu:


White wine, crackers and Halvarti cheese


Whipped Vermont organic potatoes

Local organic pork tenderloin with apples and onions

Fresh frozen asparagus

Well water

The birthday meal.

The birthday meal.


Flourless chocolate cake (from Birchgrove)

Local organic mocha chip ice cream

VT Coffee decaf with Booth Bros. milk

After a few presents, we waddled off to relax and digest.  Later on, neither of us needed a pre-bedtime snack.

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3 Responses to Mary’s Birthday

  1. Mary Robb Mansfield says:

    It was an absolutely delicious dinner, as was the one in Massachusetts! I am blessed.

  2. Mary Robb Clark says:

    Nice job, Uncle Richard! (A few years of training, eh Aunt Mary?)

  3. Sara says:

    Sounds heavenly…and well deserved!

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