My Cousin Vinny – Why Do We Keep Thinking Of It?

We changed plans and moved a little east to the Salton Sea Recreation Area where we had better chances of sites with hookup, and where there are thousands of birds. It was an easy drive through the high desert and as we approached the lake, there were hundreds of big RVs parked on the desert, each with its covey of off-road jeeps. The dust, noise, and generally low-class nature (I guess my nordic skiing/paddling bias shows) was quite depressing. Fortunately, we were heading toward the other side of the lake.

The RV section of the park is just a line of parking places, but there is shade and electric and water. We have some nice Canadian neighbors (curling pals from way back) and it is a good setup. We are hanging out with the big rigs – our Airstream is to the far left in this photo.

The first birds I saw here were Black-necked Stilts, a species I have seen before, but not on this trip. They are neat, with their bubble-gum legs and constant movement.

If you never saw the movie, My Cousin Vinny, the blog post title won’t mean much. However, right after we unhitched and set up, the first train went by. Followed by another, which sounded the horn for a crossing up ahead. No one who recommended this park mentioned the trains. These are not short Vermont trains – they are long with four or five engines, and sometimes a pusher. Why do I feel that they are filled with Chinese-built stuff shipping from LA to the WalMarts of America?

Before supper, Mary and I walked down to the lake to watch the sun set. We can take a little train noise – here comes one now – to be in such a pretty spot. All aboard.

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