My New Favorite Bird

As we have progressed through the South and Southwest with our Airstream, I have made favorites of several species of birds I’ve seen.  The last one was the Cactus Wren.  I never saw one (knowingly) last year and once I spotted one in Falcon State Park, I knew what size they were, where to look, and what to listen for.  And then, I ran into them all the time.  In fact, one was singing to us as we packed to leave our last campground.

Towhees have been birds I’ve been looking for.  I found one, then dozens, of Canyon Towhees at Davis Mountains State Park.  They are a bit bland but neat birds.

Spotted Towhee

But the Spotted Towhee has me enamored these days.  I saw my first one at a feeder here at South Llano River State Park and now see them each day.  They are beautiful and there agressive scratching the ground for food is fun to watch.  They hop and attack their food — feathers puff, dirt flies.  They’ve got a lot of spunk.

So, until I find a new favorite, the pretty Spotted Towhees are my pick of the week.

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