Redpolls — Where Have You Been?

Redpoll2WCommon Redpolls arrived at our feeders in late November and ate us out of house and home for about a week — and vanished until today.  I’ve not seen any Redpolls in the woods or anywhere around central Vermont but suddenly, about a dozen were chowing down on our sunflower and nijer seeds this morning.

It’s great to have them back — they are just great to watch as they chow down.  You might remember, from this post, that they have a “pocket” in the neck area to store food.  I thought of this today as I watched one grab at least a dozen seeds.  I didn’t stick around to see if it could still lift off with that payload.

So, regardless of whether you are a new group passing through, or an old group coming back to where the food is great, welcome Redpolls.  You perk us up on these short, short days.

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One Response to Redpolls — Where Have You Been?

  1. Dan Huber says:

    Hi Dick, I think they have been at my feeders. Had a whole bunch of Common in November too, now most are Hoary. Life birds for me this season too.

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