Reduce bird window strikes

Every so often, we’ll hear a thunk as a bird hits one of our windows and while they usually fly off to the woods (perhaps to die), it is an awful feeling. We keep the drapes closed and have tried bird decals but still it happens. Here’s more on bird strikes.
Now, a new product – window tape – is available from the American Bird Conservancy (ABC).

Developed from research on window strikes, the tape is translucent (birds can see it but light comes through), not expensive ($10.95 to $14.95 per roll), easy to use, easily removed, re-usable and can last up to 4 years!
“ABC has tested a number of different materials and patterns for their ability to deter birds from colliding with glass. The results prompted ABC to produce and make available under its own name, a new consumer product to help concerned people prevent this significant source of bird mortality,” said ABC President George Fenwick.
Here’s where to order although your local bird supply store should have it soon.

Photo by ABC

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