Selling The Airstream

One of the things that I did to think about non-hospital, non-cancer thoughts in the last four months was to consider options for future travel. I was thinking about Mary and I and the dog but those plans changed rather abruptly a few weeks ago.

I had been intrigued by my brother Barry and sister-in-law Mica who were having a love affair with an old Airstream van that they were taking out West. They continued to report about the flexibility and went so far as to write that they would probably never haul a trailer again. (They have had several vintage Airstreams and have travelled with them for a decade or more.)

I’m leaning toward a more modern RV, one based on the Sprinter frame with the Mercedes diesel which is so popular. Since there is only the dog and me, we can get by with less space. So, while it could seem too soon to make such decisions, I put the Airstream up for sale and a day later, may have sold it. We will know next week.

Our '99 Airstream, shown here in Mission, TX, has served us well

Our ’99 Airstream, shown here in Mission, TX, has served us well

Airstream Class B’s (Interstates) are very expensive new ($160,000) but there are older ones coming on the market.

An Airstream Interstate

An Airstream Interstate

I’m looking here and there but taking my time to consider other brands and other options. I have a brand new Ford F-150 which in retrospect, was a poor purchase, but who knew what we were facing?

I’m intrigued by the opportunity to get a rig where I can pull into the kids’ driveway, hook up a power cord, and visit with limited impact on their busy lives. In most cases, you can’t do that with a trailer behind you.

Stay tuned for how this turns out. I will miss the old Airstream – we have logged thousands of miles together and countless hours of polishing and renovation work. It will make someone a good economical camping rig.

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3 Responses to Selling The Airstream

  1. Helen Bryan says:

    Dick! I thought it was too early to ask about your plans. Let me know if the sale does not go through please.

  2. Jennifer Mansfield says:

    You know Dad we aren’t opposed to you staying with us inside the house!! XOXO Jenn

  3. Judith Davis says:

    You have such great memories with the Airstream, but I think the way to go now is with a Class B+ model, which drives well and has enough room, even though they cost more than a Class C (which would also be a good choice). Gerry Cooperman and I think you need to come birding on the Cape.

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