So often when birding, you get a quick look at a bird and suddenly it has moved or just gone, so you grab what shots you can get. Here are a few recent ones.

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  1. hietzing says:

    As a 62 year-old birder and photographer, I understand the challenges. One problem I face is deciding if I’m going to look at nature through a lens while trying to frame a good shot – or take my nose off the viewfinder and enjoying what’s in front of me. Last autumn, a trio of pileated woodpeckers were in my yard – a very rare thing in my corner of Vermont. I had a choice: go and get my camera – or just relax and watch them. I took the “lazy” option of leaning against a tree and watching them. I lost a golden opportunity but gained a wonderful memory.

    Besides, I wouldn’t have had enough time to get my camera. So, it worked out just fine that day.

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