Some Texas Birds

We have been staying at Davis Mountains State Park which is a picturesque high desert location with pretty good birding. The ongoing Texas drought is apparent: fewer birds, dusty trails, and beautiful sunsets. Here’s a picture I just took with the iPad, sitting in a grocery store parking lot.

Here are a few bird photos that I’ve taken recently. The first is the Greater Roadrunner – a bird that drives Penny nuts.

The Western Scrub-jay is a lot like our Blue Jay – smart, noisy, pretty.

Another noisy but colorful bird here is the Acorn Woodpecker. They are a delight to watch.

When you hear a "chip" down here, it may be a Northern Cardinal, but more often , a Pyrrhuloxia. Here’s a female.

We leave Saturday for Hueco Tanks State Park, just outside El Paso. Then to Arizona on Monday.

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