Some Turtle River SP Remembrances

Penny and I had a nice time birding and walking trails while based at Turtle River. It’s a pretty park built by the CCC’s in the 1930’s and has some unique features. Here’s a shot of the river from a park trail.

There were several neat birds I saw at the nearby Kelly’s Slough NWR. The were a couple of American Avocets looking spiffy in breeding plumage – I see them in winter in Texas.

There were a dozen or more Yellow-headed Blackbirds. I had only seen one before.

This Northern Shoveler was one of several dozen hanging out.

Likewise, Western Meadowlark were everywhere. We are far enough west so that sorting them from Easterns is not required.

I mentioned the CCC buildings – here a local wedding was taking place on a lovely afternoon at the CCC pavilion by the river. And sure, the bridesmaids will have many chances to wear their outfits again.

And I couldn’t let this guy not make the blog. They are all over the park but Penny has yet to spot them and I don’t know what the are. May be a prairie dog. I’ll get back to you.

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One Response to Some Turtle River SP Remembrances

  1. Janet Sherwood says:

    Recognized the Yellow-headed blackbird before I even saw the caption. Western Meadowlark’s
    song is a charmer. Looks like a Prairie dog. Skinny.

    Janet sherwood

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