Sounds of Fall

Just as the morning fog lifted, I headed out of the house into the woods on my first dog walk and no sooner had I got started, when the “Peabody, Peabody, Peabody” call of a White-throated Sparrow, rang out through the pines.  Ah, what a great song to start the day.

We’ve been seeing more of these — they seem to migrate a little later than the warblers — and while they don’t sing as much as in springtime, they do chip and “zeet” a lot as they move around in small groups.  I like them also because unlike warblers, who often are high in the trees flitting here and there, sparrows tend to stay low and even perch for a good look and photo.

Their song piercing through the morning air, is evocative.  It reminds me of campfires, of hiking or paddling in remote areas, of the solitude of forests.  We’ll have a few hanging around here this winter but most will head further south.

Speaking of which — as I moved along our trail, I heard a goose call high above.  Shortly, I spotted an echelon of Canada Geese — about 70 of them — heading southwest.  Every so often, one would call — sort of to keep cadence.  They were moving fast – and have a long day ahead of them.

So, while the leaves are turning and dropping, the sounds of migrant birds accompanies the beautiful scenery.  Vermont is open for foliage season — come on up.

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