Vulture Love

As a pilot, I’ve often thought of vultures as graceful in the air but ugly on the ground. Their soaring abilities always catch my attention and adoration. Yeah, I kind of love them.

Aside from South Texas trips, most of my experience has been with Turkey Vultures but the recent Florida journey put me up close and personal with hundreds of Black Vultures. Myakka River State Park was crawling with them and while they drove my dog Penny nuts, they gave me a chance for a number of interesting photos.


The campsites have warnings that Rangers may use explosive devices to move vultures away from the campground and parking areas.

"Are you as bored with these birders as I am?"

“Are you as bored with these birders as I am?”

"You know, I could go for some carry-out carrion about now."

“You know, I could go for some carry-out carrion about now.”

"Who passed gas?"

“Who passed gas?”

Vultures may not grace the covers of bird magazines or birders’ license plates but they have some redeeming values – well, perhaps not that many. They are, like many of us, best appreciated from a distance. So in any case, give my vulture pals some love.

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2 Responses to Vulture Love

  1. Heather Campbell says:

    Such carrion on! I laughed out loud at the last one.
    When I camped in Myakka, for some reason my neighboring campers and I missed the notice about the fireworks used to drive them out. It scared us more than the birds, I dare say.

  2. Janet Sherwood says:

    The eye and sense of humor are right on.
    Janet Sherwood

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