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Birding with grandkids is one of my joys in life. Maeve and Dane at Greensbury Point in Annapolis, MD.

I got into birding and travel with our Airstream about seven years ago, just before I turned 70.  I bird here in New England and during the winter, in the Southwest US where we have gone with our Airstream camper. A relatively novice birder, I love to share what I have learned with others. Likewise, I like to tell you the tales of success and failure in keeping our aluminum home in traveling order.

Other interests include grandkids, beekeeping (I have three hives), butterflies, walking, flying (I recently sold a ’46 Luscombe), paddling, local food, and sustainable living.

I travel in a 2011 Airstream Interstate van with my partner, Sally Cargill, who shares my love of traveling and birding.

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  1. Rick Sorensen says:

    Your travels sound vaguely like what we are planning. We are currently in the process of acquiring an airstream, live in Southern Vt and are planning on wintering in SW – specifically SE Arizona. We also are amateur bird watchers, although at least for this year are confining our activities to monitoring our front yard feeders. Both my wife and I retired last year. Looking forward to following your blog and perhaps hearing from you.

    • Dick Mansfield says:

      I’m writing to see how your Airstream acquisition plans went and whether you made it to AZ. We were there but with the hassles of travelling, I’m not sure I ever saw your comment. We are heading to Florida this winter.

  2. Rick Sorensen says:

    As a matter of fact, we are all packed up and are ready to head out monday morning in our 25′ Flying Cloud Airstream. Final destination is Benson, AZ. We plan on spending 5 1/2 to 6 months out there before heading back late april. Seriously looking at Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque next year. Enjoy your winter in FL. We do enjoy your blog.

  3. Fay Mowry says:

    I’m writing to ask if it might be possible for you to send a message to Barry Mansfield. I am doing genealogy research on Amos Metcalf. I recently read a post on the internet which was made by Barry where he discusses Amos and his son James. I can be reached at faymowry@gmail.com. Thank you!

  4. Mari-Jo jones says:

    A very cool blog! Thank you for sharing your birding encounters and airstream adventures. Hubbie and I are fellow north easterners from MA, newbie airstream owners and have a love for bird watching. Safe travels and look forward to new postings!

  5. Diane (Teardropping in Paradise!) says:

    Gerry Cooperman just gave me your blog address! He helped me bring the 2013 and 2014 Cape Cod Bird Festivals to fruition and now, as my husband and I leave Cape Cod on March 20th, Gerry is the new festival chairman! Michael and I have bought a teardrop camper and will be hitting the road for who knows how long to experience the USA and bird everywhere! I have subscribed to your blog and hope you will consider subscribing to mine called “Teardropping in Paradise”, birderdiane.blogspot.com! Maybe we will meet on the road! Happy trails!

  6. Linda Markin says:

    Hi Dick – I recently subscribed to your blog and am enjoying reading about your birding adventures and your Interstate. Marie and I are thinking about buying a camper van. We will probably start out a little smaller and less costly than Airstream. Perhaps this summer I can arrange to come visit and get your advise about what to look for and avoid. Until then, keep posting. I’ll keep reading!

  7. Maryanne Robe5tw says:

    Hi there! Question for you- I just got back home to Addison County from Florida where I developed a little crush on pelicans. My world traveler-Vt resident friend told me I could find Pelicans in Vermont. Have you ever seen them here and if so where? When I searched for pelicans in Vermont your site came up first but I saw your entry was about Texas. Thanks for your time!

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